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XXX Flight: 2009-0905-1 in N37148 (BlueBird) for $
KCNI - KCNI (flying time 0:0)
Flight Notes:
Flew right-seat this time with Yanek along as a safety pilot as I both refreshed how to fly and got to know the right side. It took a couple of glances to find the gauges all the way over there but in general wasn't too different. It will take practice, though :-)
We cut the flight short when we ran into light rain; we knew that there were 'thunderstorms in the area' and figured we'd stay local until we got rain ... and we did!
(David Thorburn-Gundlach)

From KCNI (Cherokee County Municipal Airport) 2009-09-05 16:58:00 to KCNI (Cherokee County Municipal Airport) 2009-09-05 17:16:00 [00:00:18] with 1 day and 0 night landings.
David Thorburn-Gundlach (pilot-L) / Yanek Martinson (safety) /