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XXX Flight: 2008-1206-1 in N2555L (Louie) for $
KAND - KAND (flying time 1:30)
Flight Notes:
Another check prep ride. This time we all knew that I didn't know what I was doing and so it didn't sting :-) even though I wonder how I will ever pass!
Turns across a road were very weak. Steep turns almost as bad. Around a pt OK; nav much better; diversion OK; sim eng out OK although it still needs work. Short-field ldg still weak. Expect the crunch tomorrow morning!
A bit more hood work and blind nav. I could do it all day :-)
(David Thorburn-Gundlach)

From KAND (Anderson Regional Airport) 2008-12-06 21:00:00 to KAND (Anderson Regional Airport) 2008-12-06 22:30:00 [01:30:00] with 0 day and 0 night landings.
David Thorburn-Gundlach (pilot-L) / Michele Rash (instructor) /