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XXX Flight: 2010-0929-2 in N37148 (BlueBird) for $
KCNI - KCNI (flying time 0:15)
Flight Notes:
Back up again after Laura's three. Where can we go today? (David Thorburn-Gundlach)

From KCNI (Cherokee County Municipal Airport) 2010-09-29 14:52:38 to KCNI (Cherokee County Municipal Airport) 2010-09-29 15:07:12 [00:15:00] with 1 day and 0 night landings.
David Thorburn-Gundlach (pilot-L) / Laura Thorburn-Gundlach (copilot) /
Leg Notes:
Started off thinking about KGVL, but the clouds looked a bit thick that way. Decided to just pop over to KJZP, but in fact things looked low and thick in that direction, too. Hmmm... Let's just go back :-) Doodled around way wide, and enjoyed turning a circle, to allow a Diamond in the pattern to get ahead of us and then came in behind him. That one felt pretty good, I think, and then off we went to put her to bed. (David Thorburn-Gundlach)