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XXX Flight: 2014-0327-1 in N12556 (Penny) for $
KCNI - KCNI (flying time 0:25)
Flight Notes:
Time for some crosswind practice after Laura's run (David Thorburn-Gundlach)

From KCNI (Cherokee County Municipal Airport) 2014-03-27 21:57:19 to KCNI (Cherokee County Municipal Airport) 2014-03-27 22:22:35 [00:25:00] with 3 day and 0 night landings.
David Thorburn-Gundlach (pilot-L) / Andy Manning (instructor) / Laura Thorburn-Gundlach (passenger) /
Leg Notes:
What an awesome yummy crosswind day! Andy was actually pretty worn out from Laura's work, so it didn't last long, but it was great while it did.
I don't think I've ever actually been pushed around by my tail, but I could definitely feel that here. W00t! :-) Lots of slip & lean to make things work, and it was great.
I tried the 'new Andy foot position' -- briefly. Today is not the day to introduce more variables :-) It sounds sensible, though, so I'll continue to give it a chance.
I'm very happy with how it all went; I actually had everything nailed except for one nasty gust just after touchdown, and the only way I could tell was that my jab on the right rudder to stabilize was surprisingly easy all the way down since he was doing exactly the same thing :-)
(David Thorburn-Gundlach)