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XXX Flight: 2012-0820-1 in N12556 (Penny) for $
KCNI - KCNI (flying time 0:20)
Flight Notes:
Time to get night-current again. This time, Laura rides with me! (David Thorburn-Gundlach)

From KCNI (Cherokee County Municipal Airport) 2012-08-21 01:31:10 to KCNI (Cherokee County Municipal Airport) 2012-08-21 01:51:42 [00:20:00] with 0 day and 3 night landings.
David Thorburn-Gundlach (pilot-L) / Laura Thorburn-Gundlach (PIC-legal) /
Leg Notes:
Laura was still current after her last round, but it had been too long for me, so I needed a PIC (or to go solo, but why bother?). After having just been up with her, now I went up for my three. The flights were delightful and non-eventful. Even better, though, was that Laura had made the big step of not only flying at night but being my safety pilot *and* at night. Woo hoo! :-) (David Thorburn-Gundlach)